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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Teen prostitute brings daughter to work

18-YEAR-OLD prostitute, who was abandoned by her husband after only seven days of marriage, brings her 15-month-old daughter when she is out soliciting for clients to avoid suspicion, reported Harian Metro.
The woman said she enjoyed being a prostitute as she could satisfy her high sex drive and make money at the same time.
“I realise I am in high demand as the men need not feel responsible if I become pregnant,” she said.
She added that she married a man chosen by her family at the age of 14 before her husband left her after a week.
The woman said her daughter was with her every night to ensure no one suspected her late night activities.
“I do not care as long as I have money to put food on the table and buy necessities like milk and diapers,” she said,
She claimed she had never turned down any man as long as he could afford to pay.
“I normally sleep with two or three men at different locations every night,” she said.
Islamic medicine practitioner Ustaz Mohd Zamri, who is treating her, said her high sex drive had caused her to act wildly.


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