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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tight-fitting uniforms of Indon women cops a big hit

aking the cue from the 1970s hit TV show Charlie's Angels, Indonesia has hired three "fashionable cops" in an attempt to improve public distrust in an institution seen as corrupt.
Indonesia's police force hired three female cops that "seem more at home on a fashion catwalk than in a congested street" to deliver a daily traffic report for the morning and evening news, according to the Christian Science Monitor.
Eny Regama, Avvy Olivia Atam and Eka Yulianti help monitor traffic in Jakarta's near 10 million residents every morning.
"This is one way of building a good relationship between police and people," Atam told CS Monitor.

Female thief stripped and humiliated in public

female thief was stripped and publicly humiliated in China after she was caught red-handed.
A crowd ripped off her clothing and wrote, "I am thief" in Chinese characters on her back with a marker.
The incident happened in the city of Taizhou, in east China's Zhejiang province.
An online source said the woman thief was also physically assaulted. She resorted to tying rags around her chest to prevent further exposure.

While Najib dozes at CHOGM, daughter creates a stir with lavish shopping

rime Minister Najib Razak may have left Perth, Australia for Mecca, where he is due to perform the Umrah prayers to cleanse himself and to atone to God before focusing on the 13th general elections.
But Australians, especially the Perth retailers, sure remember him and his family during their latest visit there for CHOGM meeting.
Despite raging debate at the summit, with former Malaysian premier Abdullah Badawi heatedly championing a common stand amongst Commonwealth nations to prevent abuse of human rights, the placid Najib still managed to steal his own thunder.
Over the weekend, Najib was snapped dozing off in the middle of a speech by another head of government. The picture was flashed all around cyberspace and created much rude laughter in Malaysia.

Pasangan OKU dicekup khalwat

epasang pasangan kekasih yang juga orang kelainan upaya (OKU) dicekup berkhalwat oleh sepasukan anggota penguat kuasa Jabatan Agama Islam Kedah (JAIK) ketika sedang berdua-duaan di sebuah bilik sewa di tingkat atas sebuah bengkel di Jalan Langgar, di sini, pagi semalam.
Pasangan itu dikatakan melarikan diri dari rumah ibu saudara masing-masing di Kuala Lumpur, sebelum datang ke negeri ini dengan menumpang di sebuah bilik sewa sebelum merancang untuk bernikah di Thailand.

Dua madu sepakat khalwat

SEREMBAN - Seorang suami terpaksa melakukan tanggungjawab yang mungkin tidak pernah dibayangkannya sebelum ini iaitu menjamin dua isterinya yang ditahan pihak berkuasa kerana berkhalwat dengan seorang lelaki di sebuah hotel di Port Dickson, dekat sini.

Difahamkan dalam operasi itu, sepasukan penguat kuasa Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Negeri Sembilan (JHEAINS) melakukan pemeriksaan di sebuah bilik hotel berkenaan selepas menerima maklumat berhubung kegiatan maksiat yang berlaku.
Kedua-dua wanita bermadu berusia 30-an itu ditahan selepas didapati bersekedudukan dengan lelaki berusia 30-an di sebuah hotel terkemuka di kawasan pantai peranginan popular itu.

Apakah Mahathir hilang kewarasan? Perihal tentang kebenaran…

Euripides di dalam hikayat Medea yang mengatakan “Kepada sesiapa yang dilaknati Tuhan, akan hilang kewarasan”. Pastilah kalimah ini bersesuaian dengan manusia bernama Muammar Gaddafi yang disaat-saat akhir hidupnya dimunculkan di kaca TV iaitu Al-Jazeera dan CNN. Tidak ada kalimah yang sesuai selain yang diungkapkan tapi untuk manusia bernama Mahathir Mohamad – yang telah hilang kewarasan sudah agak lama juga.
Kita tidak perlulah membicarakan bagaimana Mahathir hilang kewarasannya, bukan kerana faktor genetic, atau kesakitan mahupun pengambilan ubat yang berlebihan. Mahathir hilang warasnya kerana Kuasa. Mungkin boleh diiktiraf gila kerana rakus dengan kuasa mutlak.

Teen prostitute brings daughter to work

18-YEAR-OLD prostitute, who was abandoned by her husband after only seven days of marriage, brings her 15-month-old daughter when she is out soliciting for clients to avoid suspicion, reported Harian Metro.
The woman said she enjoyed being a prostitute as she could satisfy her high sex drive and make money at the same time.
“I realise I am in high demand as the men need not feel responsible if I become pregnant,” she said.
She added that she married a man chosen by her family at the age of 14 before her husband left her after a week.
The woman said her daughter was with her every night to ensure no one suspected her late night activities.
“I do not care as long as I have money to put food on the table and buy necessities like milk and diapers,” she said,
She claimed she had never turned down any man as long as he could afford to pay.
“I normally sleep with two or three men at different locations every night,” she said.
Islamic medicine practitioner Ustaz Mohd Zamri, who is treating her, said her high sex drive had caused her to act wildly.

Kim Kardashian files for divorce after 72 days

OS ANGELES - Reality TV star Kim Kardashian filed for divorce yesterday, just 72 days after marrying basketball player Kris Humphries in a lavish wedding that was billed as a “fairytale.”
Kardashian, 31, star of the TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court citing irreconcilable differences.
“After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage. I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best,” Kardashian said in a statement.

Sleeping on the job! Najib caught snoring away at CHOGM

How nice it is to sleep
How nice, how nice, how nice,
Even though I’m in Perth,
Attending the Commonwealth Heads meeting

I’ll dream about a time
When winning elections was easy
But just when I become PM
Its so hard, so hard, so hard

It’s thanks to Mahathir
Who oppressed too much, too hard
And so created these hardened oppositionists
Who aren’t afraid of anything anymore

I wish Mahathir would shut up
But I can’t make him
And his son’s a dunce
But I have to take him

They say I’m a dummy
Who’s ruining the economy
Rewarding all my cronies
It’s giving me an ache in my tummy

Why me, why me, why me
Poor me, poor me, poor me
It’s not fair, It’s not right
I want my Mommy

How nice it is to sleep
How nice, how nice, how nice,
Even though I’m in Perth,
Attending the Commonwealth Heads meeting


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