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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The woman who changed two men's worlds forever

Sensual is apt, said her colleagues.
Not vulgar, but elegant.
In fact, refined with the right amount of gentle touching that sizzles.
Always immaculately dressed, the femme fatale caught up in the ongoing corruption probe is a real head-turner.
The New Paper was the first to report last Wednesday that an IT executive was assisting CPIB with the probe into ex-heads of the Singapore Civil Defence Force Peter Lim and Central Narcotics Bureau Ng Boon Gay.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Family Sues Hustler Magazine For Publishing Naked Photos Of Model Following Her Tragic Death

Hustler Magazine has defended its decision to publish nude photos of a model months after she was killed by her wrestler husband as her family pursues $20million in damages. 

The Larry Flynt Publishing Group argued on Wednesday in a federal appeals court that it was protected by the First Amendment because Nancy Toffoloni Benoit was a newsworthy figure.

Her family waged a legal battle against the pornographic magazine since it published the photos after she and her seven-year-old son Daniel were killed in 2007 by wrestler Chris Benoit. 

Benoit then a wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment, strangled his wife and son before hanging himself. 

Man, 25, 'placed ads on Craigslist for fathers willing to share their daughters for sex'

Caught: Brandon Bergthold allegedly posted ads for fathers happy
 to share their daughters. An undercover cop posed as a father and
Bergthold was arrested
A 25-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly advertising on Craigslist for 'fathers willing to share their daughters' for sex.

Brandon J. Bergthold from Will County, Illinois was caught by an undercover cop posing as a father happy to turn over his daughter.

When he was arrested outside a motel, Bergthold thanked cops for saving him from his addiction to child porn, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Morgan Freeman to marry his step-granddaughter

A few weeks ago, a disturbing story broke that Morgan Freeman was maintaining a 10-year relationship with his step-granddaughter with whom he had a questionable sexual encounter when she was young.

Woman, 29, Stabs Her Yoga Store Colleague 331 TIMES With Six Different Weapons

A woman who savagely killed her co-worker in a Lululemon yoga clothing shop, then tried to pretend masked intruders had done it, will spend the rest of her life in jail.

Convicted killer Brittany Norwood, 29, used at least half a dozen weapons from inside the store to kill Jayna Murray, 30, in a ‘prolonged and brutal attack’ on March 11.

These included a hammer, wrench, knife and peg used to hold up a mannequin.

‘NFCorp chairman asked me to bribe cops’

Businessman Shamsubahrin Ismail claims he was instructed and under pressure to close the case with the police.
PETALING JAYA: National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) chairman Mohamad Salleh Ismail had repeatedly asked businessman Shamsubahrin Ismail to help the former bribe police investigators to close the case on NFCorp, but the latter was reluctant to do so.
This was stated in a police report by Shamsubahrin which was lodged last Friday, a copy of which was produced by PKR leaders at a press conference here today.

Female Special Education Teacher Has Sex With One Student – Oral Sex With SIX OTHERS

Bethyl Shepherd was told she must serve 60 days behind bars Thursday –
 despite pleas from the 
Reno victims’ parents that she be spared the time.
 A special education teacher who admitted having sex with a 17-year-old student and oral sex with six other teens has been jailed in Nevada.

Even prosecutors said they did not want the 35-year-old mother of two jailed after it was revealed bi-polar disorder could have fuelled her sexual misconduct.
But rejecting a plea for probation, a judge said she must serve at least 60 days with the remainder of her 19 month to four year sentence suspended.
Shepherd was also told she can never be around minors, apart from her children, and not allowed to drink alcohol during her five years of probation

Officer shot, killed by fellow police in Calif.

SANTA MARIA, Calif.  — A police officer under investigation for sexual misconduct with a teenage minor was shot and killed while on duty by fellow officers Saturday as they tried to arrest him on California's central coast, authorities said.
The officer was manning a DUI checkpoint when the shooting occurred shortly after 1 a.m. He was declared dead after emergency surgery at Marian Medical Center, Santa Maria police Chief Danny Macagni said in a statement.
The officer, a four-year Santa Maria department veteran, had just learned of the internal investigation of an alleged sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl, and it became necessary to arrest him immediately, Macagni said.

Cathay Pacific steward assaulted by elderly passenger

HONG KONG - A Cathay Pacific steward was attacked by an elderly passenger who tried to barge into the plane's cockpit during the flight.
The cabin crew, a Taiwanese, was hit repeatedly by the 83-year-old man with a walking cane until it broke.
The unruly passenger had to be restrained with the help of other crew members. The injured steward suffered head trauma and vomiting, and had to be stretchered off the plane when it landed in Australia.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Four dead, dozens hurt in Thai fireworks blast

BANGKOK - A huge fireworks explosion at a Chinese New Year celebration in Thailand left four people dead and almost 90 injured, while more than 100 homes were set ablaze, officials said Wednesday.
Authorities believe the blast late Tuesday was caused when flames from a misfiring firework set off a pile of unused rockets at the display in the town of Suphan Buri, about 100 kilometres (60 miles) northwest of Bangkok.
Three male organisers were killed instantly, said local government official Somjate Phromsunthorn, while a female spectator died of her injuries early Wednesday.

Restaurant owner killed over $56 beer bill

KUALA LUMPUR, January 28, 2012 - A restaurant owner was brutally slashed to death by a group of customers who refused to pay the RM136 bill (S$56) for their drinks.

The incident occurred at about 12.45am yesterday at Taman Daya, Kepong, when Tan Ching Choon, 46, told the group of seven men that the shop was closing for the day.

However, it is learnt that the men refused to pay the bill for the beers and became rowdy before they used chairs and bottles to assault Tan.

Hadi says may not contest GE13

Hadi has been a state assemblyman since 1982. — File pic
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 28 — Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has indicated his desire to back out from running in the 13th general election despite Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) insistence it will take over federal government.
The PAS president said this was based on the fact that he has been an elected representative for over 30 years although his PR colleagues, including PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, have served for longer.
“I have been a state assemblyman for over 30 years beginning in 1982 and over a decade as an MP,” he told Sinar Harian in an interview.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Father sentenced for throwing bystander at train

This is the shocking moment an innocent bystander was thrown against a moving freight train after remonstrating with a drunk over his foul language.

CCTV footage shows Robert Evans as he asks Daniel Worgan to stop making lewd comments to a group of girls at Shrewsbury railway station in July last year.
Worgan, a lorry driver and father-of-three is seen lifting Mr Evans off his feet, swinging him 180 degrees and hurling him towards the edge of the station platform.
Onlookers then rush to the 23-year-old’s aid as he bounces off the side of the metal carriages of the moving train.
Sergeant Karl Anderson, of British Transport Police, Shrewsbury, said: "This was a deliberate, violent and totally reckless act which resulted in the victim being inches from death.
"It is clear through the injuries and the trauma of the ordeal that this incident has had a substantial impact on the victim, who thought he was about to die."
Worgan, 24, from Telford, was sentenced to a suspended jail term at Shrewsbury Crown Court on Thursday after admitting endangering the safety of railway passengers.
The court heard it was only pure luck that Mr Evans bounced off the side of the train and landed on the platform rather than being thrown into its path.
Worgan was given a six-month jail sentence suspended for two years and ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work. He was also told to pay £500 compensation and £250 costs and put under a three-month curfew between 8pm and 6am.
Mr Robert Edwards, prosecuting, said Mr Evans was waiting for a train with friends at 11pm on July 29 last year when the incident occurred.
He said: "Worgan threw Mr Evans against a freight train that was moving out of the station. It was only luck that he bounced against the side and didn't fall onto the track."
The court heard how Mr Evans suffered injuries to his back and cuts to his arm and hand during the incident and has since refused to travel on trains.
Mark Sharman, for Worgan, said his client was appalled at his behaviour and had been out drinking to celebrate his birthday.

Opposition MP 'disappears' amid affair rumours

Amid rumours of an extramarital affair with a married woman, Hougang's Member of Parliament (MP) Yaw Shin Leong has disappeared from the public eye.
Since the allegations surfaced, the Workers' Party (WP) member has cancelled his weekly Meet-the-People session (MPS), The Straits Times reported on Saturday.
The paper found a notice announcing the cancellation of Mr Yaw's MPS taped to the wall at the void deck of an Hougang flat, where the MPS is usually held.

Air guitar flies off

Now that's what you call an air guitar.
A rocker who went for a guitar swing accidentally sent the instrument flying.
The 29sec clip shows the guitarist at a gig standing on stage with a guitar around his neck, next to two other guitarists and a drummer.
Instead of playing his instrument like the rest of the band, he goes for his own show-stopping manoeuvre.
But what should have been a casual guitar swing went embarrassingly wrong when he swung the instrument too hard, launching it up into the air and off-stage.
The guitarist was left looking sheepish and quickly picked up another guitar, probably hoping that nobody had noticed the on-stage blunder.

To watch video, click

Mystery woman in S'pore sex and graft scandal

Peter Lim Sin Pang (L), Ng Boon Gay (R) had been reported to be
 initimate with the mystery woman described as tall, slim,
vivacious, stunning, and with shoulder length hair
Singaporeans are actively speculating the identity of a mysterious woman in the current high profile sex and corruption case involving two top-ranking public officers in the republic.
The case involves Peter Lim Sin Pang and Ng Boon Gay from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) who are being investigated under the Prevention of Corruption Act.
Both men are believed to have admitted to having improper relationships with a woman.

Toddler chews off snake's head

Imad's father showing the dead snake
A sleepy snake came to a rather untimely end after having its head half chewed off by a fearless toddler in an Arab town in northern Israel, the child’s family told AFP on Friday.
Thirteen-month-old Imad Aleeyan, who has six teeth, was found chewing on the head of the 30-centimetre snake by his mother, who alerted the neighbourhood with her screams.
"I was making his milk and I looked over and saw he had a snake in his mouth," said his mother, Ghadir Aleeyan who lives in the town of Shefa Amr, 15 km east of the port city of Haifa.

Corpse' wakes up before funeral pyre

A 72-year old woman in India narrowly escaped being burned alive after doctors wrongly declared her dead and relatives prepared her funeral pyre.
Grieving family members were about to place Magan Kanwar on the flames Thursdayy when she suddenly "woke up", according to The Times of India.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Najib yang paranoid menapis cerita India Today story: Bolehkah Anwar menjadi PM seterusnya?

Kami rasa sebab sebenar untuk bertindak demikian oleh orang bawahan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak adalah kerana penerangan pada halaman 'Kandungan':
Kapsyen berbunyi:
Mahkamah membersihkan Anwar dari tuduhan liwat yang direka untuk memusnahkan kerjayanya.Bolehkah dia menjadi PM seterusnya?

Apa ke jadahnya? kalau ye fobia pun janganlah sampai nak sekat berita berita dari luar negara. Apa lah tonggong sangat. Dia orang lupa gamaknya tentang 'INTERNET' yang sedang berleluasa digunakan oleh setiap manusia didunia . Apa cetek sangat pemikiran deme nih.

Nak tahu cerita selanjutnya bacalah artikel dibawah sampai habis.Malaslah aku nak cerita panjang panjang.

Lawan tetap Lawan!

French breast implant boss nabbed

Nabbed...Jean-Claude Mas, former head of the now defunct
 breast implant manufacturer Poly Implant Prothese
Police in France have arrested the former head of a company at the centre of a breast implant scandal affecting tens of thousands of women worldwide.
Jean-Claude Mas, who ran the now-defunct French company Poly Implant Prothese, was detained at his home in the Mediterranean coastal town of Six Fours Les Plages shortly before dawn Friday.
A police search of the residence was under way, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the case is officially in the hands of judicial investigators.
The implants were pulled from the market in several countries in and beyond Europe amid fears they could rupture and leak silicone into the body.

Interracial poster invokes racist backlash

A poster released by a South African political party that shows a young interracial couple in a loving embrace has sparked huge debate in the country. 
The image was released by the student arm of the Democratic Alliance, the nation's opposition party, and distributed around university campuses earlier this week. 
The image shows a white man and black woman, apparently naked, and has the tagline: In OUR future, you wouldn't look twice.  

On-the-run murder suspect shot dead

Somchai "Ae Leuk" Iampaijit, a drug suspect wanted for the death of a woman from whom he stole a motorcycle during a police chase, was killed yesterday in a gunfight with police in Nonthaburi's Bang Bua Thong district.
Somchai, 33, was seen on CCTV footage on Friday apparently running into the street, stopping a Chatuchak Weekend Market vendor who was passing by, shooting her dead and taking off on her motorbike while evading arrest for drug charges.

Woman murdered in Eunos Crescent flat

SINGAPORE - A woman, 54, was found dead with multiple injuries in a Eunos Crescent flat yesterday afternoon.
Police have arrested her 30-year-old son in connection with the case, which they have classified as murder.
According to The Straits Times, the woman, known as Madam Hasnah, was found lying motionless in a pool of blood. She was pronounced dead 10 minutes after paramedics arrived.

The mystery woman involved with ex-SCDF, CNB chiefs

The suspensions of the chiefs of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) resulted from a probe involving the supply of IT-related products and services.

While no money is thought to have changed hands, the close relationship between a certain female IT executive and the two senior officers was a cause for concern, and a complaint was lodged with the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

Respon Dunia, mengutuk tindakan ‘U turn’ Najib dalam pembebasan Anwar

Portal berita antarabangsa mula memberitakan bahawa kerajaan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak telah memutuskan untuk merayu pembebasan Anwar, Ketua Pembangkang, yang didapati "tidak bersalah" oleh Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi minggu lepas.
Phil Robertson, Timbalan Pengarah Bahagian Asia, bagi Human Rights Watch adalah antara mereka yang paling awal mengutuk pentadbiran Najib bagi flip-flop terbarunya.

Apa lagi yang hendak diperkatakan. Kalau dunia dah pandai @ berani kutuk pentadbiran kerajaan BN dibawah ketiak Najib.bermakna dunia sedang memerhati kamu bukan sekadar rakyat Malaysia sahaja. Berwaspadalah dengan tindak tanduk engkau orang.
So lu orang fikir fikirkan lah sendiri.
Lawan tetap Lawan!

PM Melayu atau PM Cina, yang mana kita nak?

Adakah anda semua ketahui kenapa persoalan ini timbul? Sungguh mencabar serta sensitif apabila persoalan ini sering timbul di kalangan kita, tetapi ianya telah menjadi suatu lumrah politik di dalam Barisan Nasional (BN) di dalam usaha Umno dan MCA untuk meraih semula sokongan daripada masyarakat Melayu dan masyarakat Cina yang kononnya mereka wakili.

Satu soalan yang bodoh dan bangang. Jenis manusia yang tak tahu bahasa saja yang akan mengaju atau bermain dengan soalan soalan tersebut. Dasar manusia @ parti yang terdesak yang dah nak mampus.

Kita sedia maklum, dah termaktub dalam perlembagaan negara bahasa hanya orang orang melayu sahaja yang layak menjadi Perdana Menteri. Apa lagi yang nak dihebuh hebuh @ sengaja nak menakut nakutkan@melagakan antara  masyarakat Melayu dan masyarakat Cina  yang berada diMalaysia.

Memang dasar bangang dan tolol. Tak boleh diikut dan tak boleh diajar. Biarkan mereka dan keluarga mereka dengan labu dia orang.Ibarat cacing kepanasan.

Lawan tetap Lawan!


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