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Friday, 4 November 2011

Kenapa sekarang baru haramkan Seksualiti Merdeka?

KUALA LUMPUR - Dewan Muslimat PAS Pusat (DMPP) mempersoal pihak polis yang baru tahun ini bertindak mengharamkan Festival Seksualiti Merdeka sedangkan ia sudah wujud sejak 2008 lagi.
Meskipun menyambut baik pengharaman tersebut, Ketua Penerangannya, Aiman Athirah Al Jundi berkata, polis hanya bertindak apabila rakyat bangkit membantah walaupun jelas program tersebut seolah-olah menghina kedudukan agama Islam sebagai agama rasmi Persekutuan.

Girl, 14, who slapped mum also stole jewellery for cash

SINGAPORE - A 14-year-old girl who boasted on Facebook about slapping her 'naggy' mother twice, has now been exposed by netizens for stealing her mum's jewellery and pawning them for cash.
According to a Stomp reader, the girl's misdeeds have been exposed by a netizen on Facebook who knows the girl.

Ex-IMF chief's sex scandal to be made into porn film

The scandal surrounding the former IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn is to be turned into a porn film, with the producers asking members of the public to help fund the project.
The film, with the working title “DXK”, is to be produced by the company My Porn Production and will star Roberto Malone as the lead character "David Sex King.

Mum sells semi-nude pics of herself via FB

er exorbitant lifestyle caused her debts to swell into hundreds of thousands of ringgit.
To settle her debts, the mother-of-three started selling semi-nude photos of herself over Facebook.
Her modus operandi involves using the social networking site to hook clients who are asked to deposit money into her bank account.
Once the transaction is confirmed, the 35-year-old woman would send salacious images of herself to the client via MMS.
Harian Metro said a man who had purchased such a photo informed her husband about his wife's "business".
She allegedly provided phone sex services as well.

Schoolgirls slap, kick and strip girl in video

Two girls at a high school in northern Bac Giang Province have been suspended for one week after they beat and humiliated another girl.
Tu Son-Luc Nam High School suspended 11th grader Be Thi Cuc and 12th grader Pham Thi Thao after a clip recording their act was posted on the Internet.
The school's principal, Nguyen Thi Hang, said the school was waiting for further investigation by the local police.
The incident occurred on October 13 when Cuc and Thao assaulted Vu Thi N, a 10th grader, and the clip was posted online a week later.
The clip showed Cuc slap N many times on the face and Thao kicked N and stripped N off her shirt, despite N's pleading.

Hold on to your horses! Najib to appoint Ummi Hafilda as the next Senator?

ot on the heels of the highly unpopular move to appoint MUIP president KS Nallakaruppan a Senator, there is talk among select groups in Parliament that the next political 'villain' to be rewarded is Ummi Hafilda.
While the news cannot be confirmed at this stage, it seems her 'supporters' are furious that she has been left out of the anti-Anwar Ibrahim menage a trois that is being cultivated, groomed and fed by Prime Minister Najib Razak's Umno party. With a bit of luck, it seems that Ummi may well succeed in becoming the next BN-appointed Senator.

Najib: My daughter was not in Perth and Rosmah did not buy jewellery

Prime Minister Najib Razak has denied news reports that his daughter was with him in Perth during the recent CHOGM meeting and had spent AUD60,000 on a lavish shopping spree at the David Jones shopping mall.
He also denied his wife Rosmah Mansor had bought a pearl necklace worth AUD150,000.

"Don't believe and spread lies. My daughter was not even in Australia and my wife did not buy any jewellery," Najib said on his Twitter site
Aussie report got it wrong?
An Australian newspaper had reported the news, which set tongues wagging in Malaysia given the Najibs' track record of extravagant lifestyle, usually charged to taxpayers.
Gathering for the Commonwealth summit has been an opportunity for a shopping spree and sightseeing around Perth for many delegates and visitors.
A few city retailers reaped the rewards, with one first lady known to have bought AUD150,000 worth of WA pearls while the daughter of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak's daughter is believed to have spent AUD60,000 in David Jones.
Najib and Rosmah are currently performing the haj in Saudi Arabia.


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