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Friday, 4 November 2011

Girl, 14, who slapped mum also stole jewellery for cash

SINGAPORE - A 14-year-old girl who boasted on Facebook about slapping her 'naggy' mother twice, has now been exposed by netizens for stealing her mum's jewellery and pawning them for cash.
According to a Stomp reader, the girl's misdeeds have been exposed by a netizen on Facebook who knows the girl.

The acquaintance said that she stole her mum's jewellery and pawned it for $10,000 before taking a photo of herself with the cash to show off. She supposedly bought a branded wallet with the money.
She was also allegedly robbed of more than $6,000 by her own friends thereafter, which was reported to the police.
The netizen also condemned her for "being so brainless and pathetic".
The student's confession about slapping her mum has been trending worldwide on Twitter and appeared as one of the top Twitter trends in Singapore.
Since then, more girls have come forward on Facebook to share that they have slapped their mothers too.
"I'm very disturbed by the fact that some netizens, despite following the story of the infamous mother-slapping girl, are still stubbornly giving her support by saying that they too have done the same thing to their mothers," said a Stomp reader.
But others have voiced their support for the girl and say what she said and what others are saying about her are untrue. Some even asked netizens to "stop pursuing the matter" and "give her a break".


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