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Thursday, 26 January 2012

60-Year-Old Member Of Saudi Royal Family Entourage RAPED Young Barmaid In NYC Hotel

A member of the Saudi Royal Family entourage has been accused of luring two young women back to his room at the Plaza Hotel and raping one of them.

Canadian businessman Mustapha Ouanes, 60, who works both for a construction company and the unnamed prince, appeared in court yesterday on charges of first-degree rape, two counts of criminal sexual acts in the first degree, one count of sexual abuse in the first degree, and other charges related to an incident in January 2010.
The court heard that Ouanes met two young bartenders in a bar in Manhattan. He offered to pay for their drinks and then invited them along to another bar for some champagne.

Woman, 23, SEXUAL ASSAULTED 13-Year-Old Boy – Told Boy’s Mother ‘I’m Getting It Done Right’

A 23-year-old woman has been accused of sexually assaulting a boy, 13, in his bedroom and exposing herself to him.

Carissa Angel, from Port St Lucie, Florida, was arrested on Monday after the boy’s mother found her having sex with her son in the bedroom of his Pembroke Pines apartment.
According to police, Rangel knew the family but it is unclear how. The teen told investigators that on Sunday night, the 23-year-old took him outside of the apartment where she molested and kissed him.

Woman Found Dead In Home TANNING BED – Had Been Tanning For Over 24 Hours

A Texas woman was found dead in her tanning bed face down Sunday morning after possibly laying there for more than a day.

The body of Rhonda Waits, 46, was discovered by her boyfriend in their shared Samsom Park home after returning from a three-day vacation.
The tanning bed, which operated on a timer, was found off when police responded to her boyfriend’s call for help.
‘Just couldn’t believe it because, as far as we know, there nothing was wrong with her,’ Ms Waits’ neighbour of 15 years Craig Thommason told CBS 11.


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