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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Police take Aziz Bari’s statement over bullet, death threat

Constitutional law expert Prof Aziz Bari today gave his statement to the police over a death threat and bullet mailed to him yesterday following a recent controversy involving his remarks over the Sultan of Selangor.
The controversial International Islamic University (UIA) professor told The Malaysian Insider he received an envelope containing a bullet and a note saying “Jangan kurang ajar dengan Sultan, maut nanti (don’t be rude with the Sultan, you may die later)” at his Bandar Baru Selayang home around 11.45am yesterday.

Zul Noordin penyambung hayat atau mempercepatkan kepupusan Perkasa?

embelot parti PKR, Zulkifli Noordin yang baru-baru ini diangkat sebagai orang penting di dalam pertubuhan pro-Melayu, Perkasa boleh disimpulkan sebagai bersesuaian. Seperti pepatah yang mengatakan, “anda ialah apa yang anda makan atau sesebuah pertubuhan itu hanya sebagus pekerjanya sahaja.”
Yang sebenarnya, tidak ramai rakyat Malaysia yang mengenali Perkasa, pertubuhan sayap kanan orang Melayu yang riuh-rendah dan kasar menghamburkan kemarahan terhadap kaum lain.  Samalah dengan Ahli Parlimen Kulim Bandar Baharu, Zulkifli Nordin itu. Sebab itu mereka sangat bersesuaian. Umpamanya, Perkasa boleh menelan Zulkifli tanpa keracunan makanan dan, Zul juga boleh membantu menggilap imej ekstrem dan perkauman Perkasa.

Prof Aziz Bari terima peluru, nota ugutan bunuh

ensyarah Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari yang sedang disiasat oleh tiga pihak berhubung kenyataannya tentang titah Sultan Selangor menerima peluru dengan ugutan bunuh hari ini.
Aziz menerima sebutir peluru yang dihantar menerusi sampul surat ke rumahnya di Bandar Baru Selayang dekat sini kira-kira 11.45 pagi tadi.
“Saya menerima sampil surat dengan sebutir peluru, dengan nota berkata ‘jangan kurang ajar dengan Sultan, maut nanti’,” kata Aziz kepada The Malaysian Insider.

Woman (master's degree) sells body to pay husband's debts

dm Chen, 42, has a master's degree in economics and had married the son of a rich man at the age of 20.
Her father-in-law was the boss of a listed company in Malaysia, but instead of helping with the family business, her husband indulged in gambling and incurred debts of more than $1 million.
Mdm Chen said, "I was a stock appraiser in Malaysia at the time earning RM$50,000 (about S$20,000) a month. But it was not enough to pay my husband's debts. His family disapproved of his behaviour and refused to help him."

Sex psychologist: Empowering women in the bedroom

oya Amirin believes that empowering women in patriarchal Indonesia may start from the bedroom.
Dubbed as the country's first certified female sex therapist, Zoya highlights the importance of women showing initiative in their sex lives as initial step to their own empowerment.
"They [women] must feel comfortable with their own sexuality, so that they can take charge. We are not talking about them being feminists but how they can be happy in their womanhood," the 36-year old said in an interview with The Jakarta Post recently.
A lecturer at the University of Indonesia, Zoya also knows that this is easier said than done.

Nude photo trauma: teen upset by doctor's remarks

INGAPORE - The teenager who sued well-known plastic surgeon Martin Huang over nude photographs taken before a scar-removal operation has now taken issue with his post-settlement remarks to the media.

The 17-year-old girl settled her lawsuit for personal trauma and distress she suffered as a result of the photographs by Dr Huang on Tuesday . After the settlement, Dr Huang told a local media outlet that he was "not apologising for wrongdoing but for the distress of her experience."

He said the photos were "not wrongly taken" and that the case had been settled amicably "without any admission of liability."

PRC undergrad girl blackmailed for nude chat

PRC undergrad was recently blackmailed after she had a nude online chat with strangers.

This case has been making the waves in China forums amidst the emerging trend of chatting in the nude.

On the evening of 18 October, Xiao Qin (not her real name) from Xianning City, China, befriended a netizen by the name of "Smile".

Malaysians are the fattest in Southeast Asia

alaysians are the fattest in Southeast Asia and the Health Ministry is determined to lose that "honour".

Deputy Health Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid said Malaysia had the highest number of obese citizens in the region.

"This is very worrying as the country is also ranked sixth among Asian countries," she said after launching the Cakna Kesihatan programme at Kampung Pasir Nering here yesterday.


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