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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ahmadiyya decry JAIS attacks

ETALING JAYA: Local Ahmaddiyya Muslims are tired of being discriminated against, and want to challenge the state to a discussion on their stand as believers.
The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS), according to Ahmadiyya spokesman Maulana Ainul Yaqeen Sahib, has worked hard to declare his community as apostates.
“JAIS has been attacking the Ahmadiyya through the media. Everything gets thrown against us. It’s not fair. They say we are not Muslims, and (at the same time) they don’t give us a chance to say anything (in return),” he told FMT.

Perkasa spewing new venom

erkasa, the ultra right wing movement, desecrated Deepavali day by spewing more than its usual venom at its second annual general assembly. Obviously, Perkasa activists had no Hindu friends to visit on that auspicious day.
It is a wonder that these toxic Perkasa people are not locked up on national security grounds and the keys thrown away for good. That is the only way to prevent them from infecting all good people in the country with their poisonous brew of half-baked theories, lies, politicised history, pseudo-science and racism.
Birds of a feather flocked together as Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali was joined by former IGP Abdul Rahim Noor and an assortment of various unsavoury characters with dubious pasts. These included Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, a masseur associated with the production of a pornographic tape, Kulim-Bandar Bharu MP Zulkifli Noordin, who got the boot from PKR for making racist outbursts too frequently, and former information minister Zainuddin Maidin, an Indian Muslim who was sacked as Utusan Malaysia editor.

Membazir: Upah orang asing naik imej Najib

UALA LUMPUR - Tindakan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak mengupah orang asing untuk menaikkan imejnya adalah membazir, sia-sia dan tidak adil.
"Jika benar Najib mengupah Alastair Campbell yang pernah menjadi ketua komunikasi bekas Perdana Menteri Britain, Tony Blair untuk menaikkan
imejnya dan wang rakyat digunakan untuk tujuan itu, ia bukan sahaja membazir dan sia-sia, malah amat tidak adil menggunakan wang rakyat
untuk kepentingan peribadi dan partinya," kata Naib Presiden PAS, Salahuddin Ayub.

Give up illegal refugees deal with Australia, lawyers group tell Najib

awyers for Liberty once again calls upon Prime Minister Najib Razak not to dilute the protection that international law accords to refugees.
With the purported agenda of busting people smuggling and combating human trafficking, the Malaysian Government, has reiterated its determination to revive the scandalous refugee swap deal despite the Australian High Court's finding which declared the deal illegal.
Given the findings of the Australian High Court which found that the Minister in charge was unable to satisfy the Court that Malaysia had met three important criteria that would deem it safe for asylum seekers, the Malaysian Prime Minister's insistence that refugees are treated very well rings hollow.The safe third country criteria are that the country must

PRU-13: Apakah PM dan TPM masih bermimpi?

ila tarikh pilihanraya umum ke-13 akan diadakan masih menjadi teka-teki semua orang. Namun, ketidaktentuan dan dolak-dalik pentadbiran Perdana Menteri Najib Razak membuatkan masa berlalu begitu pantas. PRU-13 mesti diadakan sebelum April 2013, tetapi oleh kerana akan ada pilihanraya parti tahun hadapan, pilihanraya umum tergempar akan diadakan dalam tempoh enam bulan terdekat. Samada suka atau tidak, Najib dan timbalannya mula mendekati pengundi dengan cara mereka sendiri.

Will Michelle Yeoh make a difference to the MCA's chances in Perak

f for whatever reason Malaysian-born Hollywood star Michelle Yeoh were to dump the international fast lane for the local political scene, she will be joining BN and the MCA in particular.
"Anyone can join politics if he or she has the commitment to serve the public. But Michelle Yeoh will join MCA if she takes up politics. She is a die-hard BN supporter because her father Yeok Kian Geik was the MCA Perak chairman before. She even posed as the BN's model during the last election urging people to vote BN. I would doubt her credentials as she has never been impartial all this while," Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming toldMalaysia Chronicle.

Probable WWII submarine found

wreck found under water in a Papua New Guinea harbour likely was a Japanese midget submarine from World War II.
Australian and New Zealand warships found it while working in the area to clear WWII-era explosives on Thursday.
Simpson Harbor is in the town of Rabaul, which was a major Japanese military base on the northeast coast of the South Pacific nation.
New Zealand Navy Lt. Commander Matthew Ray told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio the find was initially identified as "a 20-metre long solid, manmade object".
Closer inspection confirmed it was a submarine, he said.

In this photo released by Australian Department of Defence, the stern section of an uncharted submarine wreck is shown on the seabed off the coast of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

As Rabaul was Japan's major base in the Southwest Pacific for most of the war, most of the submarines in the harbour had been Japanese.
"My best guess would be it's a Japanese midget submarine. It doesn't look big enough to be an ocean-going ... submarine," said former submariner Gary Oakley.
One- and two-man Japanese midget submarines were transported by ship or larger submarines and used covertly to infiltrate enemy targets including Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and Sydney Harbor.
Such a submarine could have been destroyed by an American air raid or naval bombardment or even scuttled by the Japanese toward the end of the war, said Oakley, also an Australian War Memorial curator.
He said it could also be the first Australian submarine lost in World War I, although that submarine, AE1, was thought to have sunk in another harbour some 20km away.
AE1 became the first Australian naval loss of the war when it sank on Sept. 15, 1914, with the loss of 35 lives.


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