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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Labourer sacrifices himself to save friend

Hu is still recovering from his injuries at the hospital
Construction worker Hu Xueyong is lucky to be alive after an accident at work.

But the 49-year-old does not feel that way because his close friend sacrificed his life to save him.

"(My friend) Wang Shu'en could have easily escaped but he didn't," he told Chutian Golden Newspaper.

Wang and his daughter
Hu was buried when the side of the foundation pit gave way.

Wang managed to escape but jumped back in, dug away the mud and pulled Hu out.
He had severe internal injuries and died several hours later.

"I will never forget Wang's sacrifice," Hu said.

Wang was the breadwinner for the poor family of seven including his wife, a daughter, parents and two siblings - who are both ill.

Wang's parents burst into tears while
 looking at his picture (Photo: China Daily)
Although his 69-year-old father was saddened at the loss of his son, he was proud of his brave actions.

Many people have also been touched by Wang's story.

Sun Donglin, the man who set up China's first foundation for migrant labourers, visited Wang's family last week.

"I am proud of Wang and I will do my best to help his family," he said.

Wang's sacrifice has also moved thousands of netizens.

"I wish the hero peace," they wrote.


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