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Friday, 4 November 2011

Schoolgirls slap, kick and strip girl in video

Two girls at a high school in northern Bac Giang Province have been suspended for one week after they beat and humiliated another girl.
Tu Son-Luc Nam High School suspended 11th grader Be Thi Cuc and 12th grader Pham Thi Thao after a clip recording their act was posted on the Internet.
The school's principal, Nguyen Thi Hang, said the school was waiting for further investigation by the local police.
The incident occurred on October 13 when Cuc and Thao assaulted Vu Thi N, a 10th grader, and the clip was posted online a week later.
The clip showed Cuc slap N many times on the face and Thao kicked N and stripped N off her shirt, despite N's pleading.

The attack was later ended when a male student intervened.
Another girl, Nguyen Thi Hang, who is Thao's classmate, shot the 3-minute clip, which was then posted on October 23 by 12th boy Trinh Viet Manh.
In her report submitted to the school, Thao said she assaulted N out of jealousy because N often talked to her boyfriend. Dao Van Sinh, head of the district Education and Training Department, said the assaulters should be strictly but fairly punished.
Senior Lieutenant Colonel Pham Dinh Do, head of the district police, said because N's family had yet to filed a claim against the assaulters, the police would consider administrative punishments.


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