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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Couple sleeps on RM40mil money bed

couple in China were found sleeping on a bed, stacked up with bank notes totaling more than 80mil yuan (RM39.34mil).
Henan police made the discovery after arresting Li Wuzhi and his wife, Cui Yanyun.
The couple were accused of leading a group specialising in producing and selling drugs, following the seizure of 2.8-ton of mephedrone from them.
Also arrested were six other suspects, mostly family members and relatives of the couple.

The couple were selling pharmaceutical products.

They ventured on the road of no return after making a huge profit from selling mephedrone to a drug trafficker in 2009.
They then started to make their own drugs.
Although they made a fortune, the couple were not happy.
"They always argued about how to spend the money," laughed An Qunqing, chief of narcotics division of Anyang City police department.
Police said the couple later decided to sleep on the money, as they could not keep the illegal gains in the bank.
"They said this was the safest way to safeguard the money," said police.


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