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Friday, 28 October 2011

Vietnamese prostitutes getting 'too much' in Chinatown

reader of Shin Min Daily News, Mr Lin (46, sales person), told reporters about his recent experience at Chinatown.
He was with his friend at Chinatown when they were approached by hookers.
"That is not a red light district but more and more Vietnamese girls are soliciting for sex there. The authorities should do something about it!" said Mr Lin.
Mr Lin and his friend were smoking at the staircase outside the MRT station when a hooker approached him.

"She was very young and pretty, and could even speak simple Chinese and English. She started chatting with me, then pulled me to a corner and asked me if I was interested (in sex). She was bold and even quoted her price to me."
Mr Lin had to repeatedly reject the woman before he managed to shake off her advances.
Sources say that the hookers tend to dress plainly to avoid enforcement efforts by the authorities. Rather than the usual revealing clothes and mini-skirts, some of the Vietnamese hookers were even seen wearing jeans.
Reporters visited Chinatown and indeed saw groups of Vietnamese women sitting around the MRT station. It is apparent that the women were not in the area to shop or sightsee. Rather, they were observing the crowd to pick their customers.
Many men were also seen stopping in their tracks to check out the women.
Some of the women appear to have regular customers as they would check their phones, then leave for nearby budget hotels.
According to feedback in the past, PRC hookers soliciting for sex with older men used to be a common sight in Chinatown. It seems the PRC women are now losing their turf to the Vietnamese women. 


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