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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Husband rams wife's car over 20 times with lorry

SUNGAI BULOH - A fight between a husband and wife turned ugly when the former decided to vent his anger by ramming onto his spouse's black Perodua Myvi more than 20 times using his lorry at Taman Suria in Desa Aman here two nights ago.
The badly battered car was left with serious damage to the front, broken windows, punctured tyre and a leaking engine in the 11.30pm incident.
Luckily the wife was no where near the vehicle during the incident. A front gate and a water pipe belonging to a neighbour was also damaged in the drama which occurred close to midnight.
Residents claimed the man was behaving like a mad man and repeatedly rammed his wife's vehicle even when they told him to stop.

"He ignored everyone and when he finally stopped, he walked towards the car and clapped his hand," said a resident who only wanted to be identified as Madam Wong.
She said the man's actions had sparked fear among residents as he appeared to be dangerous.
She claimed the police had told the residents that the incident was a domestic quarrel which went out of control and what happened to the vehicle was only an accident.
"This is not accidental. This is the work of a mad man. Who knows what he capable of doing next," said Madam Wong.
She and a few other neighbours also questioned police action in handling the situation.
"They caught the husband while he tried to run away after the incident and took him to a police station for questioning.
"He, however, was released one and a half hours later. He should not have been released. The police should have locked him up at least for a day for what he did so he could come to his senses as well as for the safety of other people."
She said she was now afraid to even sleep worried over the safety of her family members.
"The police let him go and asked us to settle it among ourselves. It's not about money, its about my children's safety and the rest of us living here.
"My husband and I are working. What if he got upset again and decided to burn down the house while we are at work and my children are sleeping in the house?" asked Madam Wong.
It is learnt that the man and his wife have been living in the residential area since three years ago. The man's wife refused to be interviewed when approached by reporters at the scene on Thursday night.


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