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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Foreigners stare and shoot videos of bikini-clad beach-goers on Sentosa

Cheryl was disgusted to be surrounded by these foreigners who stared unabashedly and even took out their mobile phones to record videos of the sun tanning beach-goers on Sentosa. 

The STOMPer wrote:

"These photos were taken by a girl, so please don't brand the photographer as a pervert. 

"The 3 Caucasians in the photo left with disgust on their faces, having many eyes watching them continuously. 

"This was taken on Sunday (Nov 6). 

"Nowadays, locals refrain from going to Sentosa, one of the only beaches left for us to swim and tan, due to these menaces, and they come in big swarms especially on Sundays. 

"What's worse, they won't hesitate to stare without any feeling of shame or embarrassment. 

"Once we were taking photographs of my friends in bikinis when all of a suddenly we were surrounded by Bangaladeshi nationals, sitting, standing, using their HP cameras to film us, as if we were circus performers. 

"We got so disgusted that is actually happening in SG! 

"Imagine the impression and how those tourists must have felt? 

"It's not a good image for the island. 

"It's been stomped before, but this has gotten much worse. 

"Just look at these photos!"


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