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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Taxi driver arrested for fleecing Singapore Interpol visitors

Police have arrested a taxi driver a week after he overcharged two Singaporean delegates to the 80th Interpol General Assembly meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, by 40 times. He also took away their iPhone 4.

This driver works for Phu Gia taxi company but police refused to reveal his identity. He was arrested on Nov 5 while hiding in the southern province of Dak Nong, over 1,000 km away from Hanoi.
Colonel Nguyen Duc Chung, deputy chief of Hanoi police on Monday confirmed the arrest.

The audacious driver has been escorted to Hanoi for questioning
A lawyer told TuoiTreNews the driver could be charged with “cheating to appropriate private property”, a criminal crime.
The victims are Mr Chen Ang Dani and Ms Than Sha Pen who were forced them to pay VND6 million (S$362) for a ride of just 10 kilometers. The normal fee should have been only VND150,000 (S$9).
This occurred at 8pm on Oct 28 when they took a taxi with license plate number BKS 30K-6476, belonging to Phu Gia Group, after having a meal at Ngon restaurant, a popular eatery for foreigners at 18 Phan Boi Chau Street, Hoan Kiem District.
They were driven from Phan Boi Chau Street to Hanoi’s National Conference Center and eventually had to cough up US$200 and S$100.
The victims said that following heated argument over prices, they negligently left over an iPhone 4 that has vanished into thin air.
The 80th Interpol General Assembly was kicked off in Hanoi from Oct 31 and concluded on Nov 3.
After the case was out, chairman of Hanoi Transportation Association Bui Danh Lien said a number of taxi operators have condemned that the driver’s act negatively affected Vietnam’s national image and demanded an inspection into Phu Gia taxi company.


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