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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mother of Hugh Grant's child in sexy snap

Saucy ... pose by Tinglan Hong

THE mother of Hugh Grant's secret baby shows she really IS a yummy mummy in this sexy shot.

Sultry Tinglan Hong, 31, sent the provocative picture of herself along with several others to former boyfriend Robert Hodge in 2009.
Chinese-born Tinglan — known as Ting Ting — gave birth to actor Grant's first child in September.
The baby girl is nicknamed Bamboo but Tinglan has told old flame Robert that the Chinese translation of her name means "Happy Accident."
Grant, 51, appears to have already lost interest in Tinglan and is believed to be dating a German burlesque dancer 30 years his junior.
Specialist car buyer Robert, 55, said he had no hard feelings over Grant dating his ex.

Together ... Hugh Grant out with Tinglan Hong last April
But he said of the Bridget Jones star, who is thought to have not been present for his daughter's birth: "I don't think he has been as considerate as he could have been, no. He has brought all this attention on her but doesn't want to take responsibility for any of it. He has been able to turn up at her house in his Ferrari, bringing the paparazzi straight to her door, and then leave again.
"Meanwhile, it's Ting Ting who has been left to deal with all of this. Now he's apparently with this dancer."
Robert first met businesswoman Tinglan in 2006 in Wimbledon, South-West London, and they eventually started dating.
Ex ... Tinglan Hong with Robert Hodge
She sent the racy pictures to him three years later while on a family visit home to China.
Robert said: "It didn't really fit in with her character. Yes, she's gregarious but these were saucy."
Upon her return in early 2010 the relationship cooled and she eventually broke it off.
Robert said he believed she had first met Grant in late 2008 at Brinkley's wine bar in Chelsea. It is a popular haunt of celebs including footballer Frank Lampard.
Grant had high-profile relationships with Elizabeth Hurley and socialite Jemima Khan and was famously arrested in 1995 for hiring Hollywood prostitute Divine Brown.


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