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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Merger with S'pore? 'Cuckoo' Hasan can sure upstage Jack Nicholson, what say you?

EXPELLED PAS member and former Selangor state executive councillor Dr Hassan Ali is just unbelievable. He must be trying to upstage the Umno-linked Ibrahim “Perkasa” Ali and seize the crown of King of Clowns.
Hassan’s moronic nationwide road show is a role model of one who speaks through his rear, without the use of his brain.
Hasan still believes Malaysians are living on trees and have no access to education and Information Communications Technology (ICT). If not, how could he utter such a ridiculous claim that DAP will merge Malaysia and Singapore into a republic.

There are two very solid obstacles to his claims that are almost impossible overcome for his claim to come true:
> In 2008, the DAP contested 73 parliamentary seats and won 28 seats; even before the next general election, the DAP has announced that it may field fewer candidates so as to consolidate and focus on winnable constituencies and going for quality leaders to be elected. From 28 seats, how many more can one expect DAP to win? Even if it doubles its wins to 56, which is almost impossible, can it change the Federal Constitution? There are 222 seats in Parliament and to change the Constitution, you need two-thirds, i.e. at least 148 seats. Hasan, your mathematics is not even up to kindergarten’s standard! And you think PKR and PAS will approve? and
> Singapore’s economy and foreign reserves are doing many folds better than Malaysia; give one solid reason why it would want to rejoin Malaysia? Hey, Hasan! Singaporeans not moronic like you.
Hasan, you may succeed in fooling the uneducated apeks and mak ciks in the villagers but not the educated Malaysians.
You are exactly the type of politician, like Ibrahim Katak, that Umno treasures because Umno is a confirmed political dinosaur, unable to change and living in a world of its own, completely out of touch with the people and the modern world.
That is why Barisan Nasional and Umno values leaders such as you, Ibrahim Katak and MCA’s shameless Dr Chua Soi Lek, who should have been jailed for committing unnatural sex if Anwar can be convicted of sodomy!
Umno-BN is, therefore, as immoral as zina-Chua.
Not only that. BN-Umno supports blatant corruption committed by its leaders and transparency and accountability are words that are alien in Umno’s dictionary.
Mind you, I am not exaggerating. The National Feedlot Corporation financial scandal is so clear for everyone to see.
Public funds are approved for a project to breed cattle so that affordable beef are made available to all Malaysians, especially the low-income Malaysians.
Instead, the funds were used to buy condominiums worth tens of millions of ringgit, luxurious S-Class Mercedes Benz, tours, etc.
The real threat to Islam
Hasan warned the audience in Bangi how Pakatan Rakyat (PR) would threaten Islam. I say it is BN-Umno that will threaten Islam and the country.
Umno-BN is set to bankrupt the country with massive abuses of power and corruption. Compare the lifestyle of PAS leaders, like Tok Guru Nik Aziz, with Umno’s. No need to compare with the PM-lah or Rosmah! Former Selangor MB Dr Khir Toyo is enough-lah!
Hasan. You should audition to star in a remake of Jack Nicholson’s role in the Oscar-winning ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’. You are more cuckoo, thus you can reprise the role more convincingly.


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