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Monday, 21 November 2011

Malaysian-made sex stimulants rock Kerala

Malaysian-made sex-enhancing stimulants appear to be sexing up nocturnal activities in Kerala, but the influx of illegal imports of the libido-boosters into the state is worrying drug control officials.
Sex stimulants -- from gel, aphrodisiac brew, herbal pill and anti-impotence drugs -- mostly produced by Malaysian firms are household names in the southern Indian state.

"Many products like cream or gel for genital use are found to be manufactured in places like Selangor in Malaysia.
"Marketing is usually done through MLM (multilevel-marketing) and it is hard for us to monitor," Ravi S. Menon, Assistant Drugs Controller of Kerala's central zone told Bernama in a telephone interview.
Some cash-rich Keralites, he said, were willing to splurge hefty sums to purchase pleasure-boosting items, often sold at exorbitant prices.
For instance, eight grammes of sex stimulant gel for men are being sold for about 3,000 Indian rupees (RM200) in some parts of Kerala.
"There is a strong demand in Kerala for these items...they are usually imported, together with cosmetics," said Menon.
In July, last year, his department seized a large consignment of herbal aphrodisiac sent from a Malaysian port and illegally imported into Kerala, aimed at giving the state's very own age-old ayurvedic love-potions, a run for its money.


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